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Endless possibilities

Enjoy the benefits of audio distribution:


Wide selection of speakers (inset, invisible, wireless, outdoor)

Streaming music

Access streaming music sites and applications in continuous mode (Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer or any other application)

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Audio distribution


A centralized wireless control, accessible by your smartphone, on iOS or Android operating system

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Audio distribution

For your home

The multi-room audio distribution allows you to easily add music to your life. Audio Domotics is adapted to new constructions and renovations

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Audio distribution

For your business

Multi-room audio distribution offer a music selection adapted to all of your customers.

Fill your life with music

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Audio distribution

Manage your music everywhere…

Audio and entertainment systems can be incorporated into a centrally-controlled music & multimedia solution; browse all your music collections from a practical and intuitive interface. Easily and independently control the style and volume of music from each of your rooms from the app . Say goodbye to all of those remotes with your new Smart Home.

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SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Audio distribution


Our audio distribution systems are intelligently automated, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy. Play a different song simultaneously in the living room, bedroom, or around the pool. Or pair all the speakers of the house with a single touch, and broadcast the same music everywhere, never losing the thread. When you leave, the audio will automatically turn off.

With your audio distribution system connected to your home automation, take a step toward the era of Smart Home. Wake up to your favourite song in the morning, listen to relaxing music while in the bath or pair your audio distribution with your smart lighting system to schedule scenarios for any occasion. With home automation and our know-how, your possibilities are endless.




Some commercial environments require the distribution of different sound sources in different zones and at different volumes. For example, a bar-restaurant may have a terrace, an area to watch sports on TV, as well as a dance floor, which all require a dedicated audio source. For situations like this one, there are centralized audio distribution systems from which you can simultaneously control all your audio sources through your smartphone. These programmable digital systems also help protect speakers against volume spikes and allow certain areas to be turned off automatically at a specific time.

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