Sonxplus Technologies - Heating and air conditioning

Heating and air conditioning

Compatibility and backward compatibility

Take advantage of our many possibilities:

Heating systems

Solutions compatible with forced air, geothermal or centralized systems

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Heating and air conditioning


Gas or electric

A simple way to manage the comfort of your home or business – no matter where life takes you

Regulate your thermostats from anywhere at any time:

  • Program or change the remote controls
  • Get room temperatures in real time
  • Quickly change the thermostat to « absent » mode
  • Generate reports on your energy consumption (Sinope)
  • Display the time and outside temperature (Sinope)
SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Heating and air conditioning

Peace of mind

Choose SONXPLUS Technologies and enjoy peace of mind. Surround yourself with an experienced team to help you throughout your project. Choose harmonized solutions for your environment – whether residential or commercial, new or existing.

Because your lifestyle comes first. And because your satisfaction is our key motivation.

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