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SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Home automation


Home automation is a great way to keep the control on the most important things in your home, such as smart lighting, audio and video distribution, heating and conditioning (smart thermostats) and motorized shades. In other words, automation allows you to monitor, coordinate and program the functions of your home to meet your expectations.

Our automation systems are custom-built to fit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you want to automate your business, dream home or cottage, our Smart Home specialists can help you consider and select the automation functions that will fit your lifestyle.

Home automation is a powerful and reliable way to:

  • distribute high definition 4K videos and music throughout the house
  • manage thermostats
  • Secure door locks
  • Consult cameras, to know what’s happening in real time
  • Open/close blinds, curtains or garage door
  • Turn on/off irrigation systems, security panels, indoor and outdoor lighting, and many more.

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SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Home automation


You can interact with your home or business in various ways; our solutions can be as simple as a remote control for your video experience, a touch screen to browse your music collection or a universal keypad that controls lighting and music. Stay in communication with the elements of your house by using your cellphone or tablet while you’re outside or away from your home. Each interface is designed to give you easy access to the functions you use most often. Our home automation experts are trained to help you create a living space that matches your lifestyle and budget. Start planning your Smart Home today!

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Home automation


The mobile application gives you secure access to your home or business when you’re not there. Now you can check the cameras, lock doors, set the temperature, close the garage door or turn off the lights from almost anywhere in the world.

Home automation offers you control of your home, to another level. Intelligent management of services such as heating and air conditioning or lighting will have a positive impact on your energy consumption while maximizing comfort in your living spaces.

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Offer in progress

Smart locks

Including Smart Home controller
Touchscreen Smart lock
Exterior Smart Lighting
Smart Thermostat
1-year subscription to Anywhere Access
System control from your mobile device, iOS or Android
Audio Video Control System 1-zone

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