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Smart lighting

Create the perfect ambiance

Adjust the lighting to the rhythms of your life

Press a single key on your universal keypad – guests arriving, cocktails, goodbyes – and immediately transform your indoor or outdoor environment.

Discover brilliant possibilities

Intelligent lighting adds elegance, ambience, convenience and energy efficiency to your home or business. Create the impression that you’re at home even while you’re away by randomly turning your lights on and off. Turn on or dim all the lights in your home or office with a single touch. Customizable buttons let you to activate or disable the lights in several rooms or the whole house. Motion sensors mean hands-free lighting management. Automated lighting is not only intelligent, it’s brilliant!

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SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Smart lighting

Centralized lighting

Perfect for anyone building a new home or business – centralized lighting lets you remove the light switches from your electrical panel and replace many others with an elegant universal keypad. Customize the buttons for one-touch lighting, entertainment, security, temperature, window shades, and more.

SONXPLUS Technologies - Solution - Smart lighting

Exterior lighting

Intelligent lighting knows no bounds. Coordinate outdoor lighting with sunrise and sunset. Highlight the architecture of your home or business. Lights automatically flash when the alarm system is triggered, drawing attention to any unusual activity.

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