Published on : 2017 / 10 / 13


Samsung takes a very trendy tangent in 2017; the Korean giant contemplates a more harmonious integration of technology into modern homes. The intention is to think beyond the technical side of technology, namely the concrete use of the product. Design to serve the experience, to serve people.

With its latest release, The Frame, Samsung is rethinking the purpose of television screens. Resulting from collaboration with Swiss designer Yves Behar, The Frame impresses with its unique design and artwork-like appearance. In addition to being a modern 4K TV screen, the device displays works of art in standby mode, adjusting the brightness to give the illusion of a true canvas. If you are a fan of architecture and design, you will appreciate the finesse of the design details and its perfect integration to any decor. If you are more technically oriented, you will be impressed by its technical abilities.


The Frame | Design Serving Experience

The idea behind The Frame comes from the prominence of the television in homes. The goal is that it is no longer an inconvenience to the decor, but a complement. The real feature of this TV is that it never turns off. Instead of displaying a black screen, it enters “art mode” and displays a portrait selected from the library of artworks.

Just setting eyes on The Frame for a few seconds is enough to understand that the device has nothing to do with the popular digital frames of a few years ago. The Frame pushes the principle much further by creating an almost perfect illusion, so it is now difficult to differentiate the TV screen from artworks.

The new Ultrafine No Gap wall mount allows a fully wall-mounted installation to perpetuate the impression of a frame. A single optical cable connects the TV screen and its peripherals via the One Connect box, for an elegant wireless display.


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